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A. Craig Rush, PhD, LMFT

Dr. Rush is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the states of Virginia and California. He also has a License as a Professional Counselor in California. dr. rush has been a practicing Soultender for over a decade and loves working with adults, children, and the child-within-all! His Ph.D. was obtained at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, CA, where his area of research was focused on the integration of spiritual healing techniques in the clinical setting.  He was able to complete a dissertation that grounded spiritual regression therapies within Jungian theory, offering a bridge between science and spirit. Since that time, Dr. Rush has continued to study quantum Physics, especially in regards to consciousness studies. His aim is to encourage clinical psychology to adopt a practice of engaging with the energy field that binds everything together.  He believes that true and lasting healing is achieved by activating and integrating the mind, body, and spirit in clinical practice. Dr. Rush offers individual and group sessions in his home location in Virginia and also maintains a practice in Santa Clarita, CA, a suburb of Los Angeles. He is available for Skype and telephone sessions for people living in other locations.


25050 Peachland Avenue, Suite 250

Santa Clarita, CA 91321

CA License # MFC41744

CA License # LPCC2352

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9116 Center Street, Suite 202

Manassas, VA 20110

VA License # 0717001372

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Engaging with your soul

When you were a child, you were very well acquainted with your spiritual nature. In fact, your deepest connection was to your soul and to the spiritual world. But society trained that out of you and taught you to filter all communication and thought through your ego. We can restore the connection to your soul using very practical techniques to reestablish the language that your soul uses to communicate: symbol and metaphor. You have simply forgotten this magical dialogue. Let me help you repair the damaged connection to your spiritual energy so that you can learn and practice different techniques that may provide spiritual and psychological healing. Soultending can be fun!

Soultending is an integrative approach to psychotherapy that encourages you to work with your spiritual nature, not just with your mind/body connection. It is the meeting point of science and spirit, the combination of your mind, body, AND soul. We often forget that there are three distinct aspects to our humanity, and our soul tends to be neglected in our healing processes. Apart from prayer, the spirit remains relatively voiceless, and we have neglected the powerful healing energy that it offers to our lives. Modern forms of therapy have focused exclusively on our mind, retraining thoughts and behaviors to create changes in our lives. Naturally, Soultending utilizes all of these treatments, but Soultending invites your spirit to be the center of your healing process. Soultending delves deeper into the core of who you REALLY are. It is a unique counseling experience that helps to connect you with your soul in order to provide insight, positive life change, and growth in all areas. It can be a stand-alone therapeutic process, or it can be an exciting addition to any other therapy you are currently engaged in.  Soultending can reduce anxiety, depression, anger, or addictive patterns. You can even use it to achieve greater personal Awareness. Soultending can also be a spiritual life coaching activity that might help you to discover your own personal destiny and purpose in life. After all, we are all unique and special, and each of us has a powerful energetic nature. Let's work together to readjust your life path...



Your soul is calling out to you.



Together, we can answer the call.

The Workshoppe

Your Journey Awaits...

...What's Holding You Back?

Using the principles of Quantum Theory Consciousness Studies, we will use soultending to connect you to your destiny.  It has been offered that the past, the present, and future are all co-occurring. that means that your future is already unfolding and is pulling you towards your purpose in life. Together, we will tap into your inner knowledge to uncover a path to fulfillment and a deeper understanding of life. We will use techniques that will increase intuition, guidance, and personal motivation to achieve your goals.

Spiritual Life Coaching

integrative Therapy doesn't just blame the past for your present circumstances. Instead, it looks at the influence of an unfolding future. Soultending helps you to transcend your ego state to explore possibilities instead of merely focusing upon negative conditioning that the ego craves in order to feel dominant and in control. come in to discover the symbolic language of your soul to learn how your future is shaping your destiny instead of embracing an ego that keeps you tied to a painful, tortured past.

Welcome! A new day is dawning. Your new life is about to begin. Your soul is gently calling forth,  "Come away with me, all you dreamers. seek me and discover. grow and evolve. Find your peace. Uncover your purpose." I am honored that your spirit has led you to my door and that our paths are crossing at this precise moment in time. Our meeting was destined to occur. Allow me to guide you on the journey of emotional and spiritual healing that you seek and desire...
Your destiny awaits...
The Workshoppe
The Soultender
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