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Freud called dreams the "Royal Road to the Unconscious." Dream time is one of the Easiest ways to engage with your soul, as it is a natural phenomenon where your ego is at rest and is silent. In a dream state, your intuition is already communicating with you and you aren't even trying! The work begins by learning how to correctly listen to the messages being offered to you. You might also learn how to engage with the images by allowing them to have a unique, educational voice that might guide you along your path. Come in and learn how to interpret your dreams through different psychological lenses. Then go deeper by learning an exciting new practice where you speak and engage with the images as if they had an independent life force of their very own. Many psychologists believe that they do. You can discover and master the hidden language of the dream!

Rituals are activities that engage your mind, body & spirit. They are mindfully crafted in order to honor each aspect of the human condition. They can be as simple as lighting a candle and using aromatherapy during prayer and deep meditation, or as meaningful as developing a ceremony to grieve the death of a pet. Rituals are created as a form of healing or as an activity to promote change and action. Some rituals can be seen as "spells" as a means to mentally influence the energy field that surrounds and connects us all, while other rituals may be experienced as prayers and mantras that help to reinforce life enjoyment and gratitude for life's blessings. Come in and learn how you might utilize rituals to reinforce healing and positive life change. Learn how to honor your connection to your spiritual nature by creating and practicing your own personal rituals. Rituals  can reinforce a sense of powerful engagement with life, reducing anxiety and depression.

What are meditation and prayer if not specific methods of communication with spirit? They can be utilized as a style of mindfulness where you learn to be fully present within a moment instead of being pulled too far into either the past or the future. Living in the past can reinforce feelings of depression, while projecting into the future can cause anxiety and frustration. Using practices of prayer and meditation can ground you in the NOW! Come in and learn breathing techniques that can increase peace and balance while calming the "Monkey Mind," perfect for letting go of anxiety and obtrusive negative thoughts. Come and learn how to listen for that still, small voice that soul utilizes to communicate with each of us. Through quieting your mind and staying fully present, you will be able to increase your ability to communicate with your inner nature. You will learn how to transcend your ego state to receive the symbolic and metaphoric images from your own soul. Jung claimed that healing was achieved through engagement with an image.  Let's connect you with that image! 

Hypnosis is another very powerful technique that aids in your ability to transcend your ego state to access your intuitive nature. It is not a form of "mind control" as many people fear, nor is it a panacea of magical cures, as others may believe. Instead, it is a guided state of focus and inner engagement where you are always in control, yet, you are allowing the therapist to aid you in a journey past your conscious thoughts. Utilizing hypnotherapy, we can gain access to memories, behavioral choices, desire, motivation, or spiritual energy that may be currently blocked or that may be the source of difficulty. We can also ascend into a state of unlimited quantum timelessness to focus upon the eternal energy that entwines us as to better understand the nature of your being as well as the potential purpose of your life's calling. Hypnotherapy has the ability to introduce you to the timeless nature of your soul. At the very least, a session in hypnosis will help you to achieve a state of balance and peace while refreshing your mind!

Archetypes are the figures that populate our inner world. from our inner child to our dark shadow, we must meet and engage with these characters or they will take over our lives when we become emotional or overwhelmed. Have you ever been surprised to open your mouth and hear your father speaking instead of you? That's because a piece of him resides within. Have you ever become so emotional that you throw an adult tantrum? Blame your inner child. And if you sacrifice your needs to fulfill the desires of people around you, then you might have an inner slave instead of only a servant. Let's introduce you to these  figures so that you aren't caught unaware by an unwelcome behavior or an impulsive outburst during a serious moment in your life. Let me help you communicate with these images to learn how they might become a support instead of a hindrance. archetypes can be powerful allies, but not if they are left alone to run amok within your psyche. You are a  multi-dimensional being. Archetypes are one of your spiritual dimensions. Isn't it time you became better acquainted? 

Synchronicities are those moments in life where you feel like you are being guided toward the correct path.  when you experience a coincidence, something miraculous, or a moment of the divine, you experience a synchronicity! It's the moment when the world seems to be in alignment. It's the time when you were running late for work because you spilled that cup of coffee, and you became irritated. But later you saw an accident and became grateful when you realized if not for the coffee, you could have died. It's the time you felt moved to watch a particular show and the information provided changed your life. Or that day you were compelled to buy a lottery ticket and ended up with an extra hundred in your pocket. Some psychologists believe that there are no accidents, that everything has a reason to happen.  Even Jung theorized that when you were following the correct life path, synchronicities would occur with greater frequency. It's almost as if God is spurring you along with little verifications. Oh, and did you know that you can create synchronicities as well? We can do it together. Let me show you how.

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